Shred More, Save More With The Right Document Destruction Partner

Not all document destruction providers are considered equal, especially when it comes to cost and service quality. Many providers tack-on surcharges to cover rising fuel costs and declining paper recycling revenue. When those costs shift in the provider’s favor, most often, the charges remain in client fees or contracts.

At Shred Spot our fees are provided to customers up-front; we do not have any surcharges or hidden fees in our billing.

Paper Cuts

Document destruction companies make a portion of their revenue selling shredded waste to paper mills . In 2019 the recovered paper market experienced a 10-year low in terms of price. Many shredding companies felt the impact to their bottom lines. Their solution: Pass on lost recycling revenue to clients by adding a recycling recovery surcharge.

Additionally, some document destruction companies, especially those with large fleets, include a fuel surcharge. While fuel prices have dropped in recent years, many of those providers continue to maintain the surcharge in their client billing.

The best way to ensure your document destruction rate — whether by contract or individual payor — is competitive, is to ask your provider for an itemized pricing list. Comparing prices, line item by line item will help you find the best provider at the best cost. Keep in mind cost is only one factor. Be sure to ask about service flexibility to fit your specific needs. Low cost and national providers often do so by offering limited customer service.

Although our organization has been affected by the decline in paper prices and past increases in the cost of fuel, Shred Spot is committed to providing its clients with the most responsive shredding and destruction services without hidden fees or additional surcharges. We pride ourselves on our customer service and flexibility to meet all of our client’s document destruction needs.

Client Friendly Always And In All Ways
Locally owned and operated, Shred Spot has been serving both medium-sized and large corporate clients as well as small businesses and individuals throughout the Chicagoland area since 2010. The diversity of our client base allows us much more flexibility when it comes to working with clients’ unique needs, especially now in the midst of the pandemic*.

All shredding is done at our secure plant. We offer services to cover every need:

Scheduled Shredding Service
Many organizations dispose of confidential documents on an ongoing basis. Shred Spot provides locked document containers throughout your location. We pick up the full containers and drop off empty ones on an ongoing basis. Our flexibility for servicing these containers is unrivaled. If you need a special, unscheduled pickup or extra containers for a busy season, we do our best to accommodate.

One-Time Pick Up Service
Document destruction only when you need it, whether it’s for an annual file purge, a neighborhood shred event, or any other reason. We can pick up any quantity of papers from your office, home or other storage location and shred them securely at our plant.

Drop Off Shredding Service
Set up an appointment and we will meet you at your vehicle when you arrive to unload your documents and bring them into our plant for destruction. No minimum required and there is no need to remove staples and paper clips. Pricing is by the pound and volume.

We want to be the shredding company of choice for companies and residents seeking a reliable, experienced and trusted provider. Secure your world and help save our planet, contact Shred Spot today or call us at 847.291.0100.

*Shred Spot has established protocols to keep your employees and our employees safe during this difficult time. In addition to sanitizing our vehicle and support equipment, All Shred Spot team members maintain social distancing and wear personal protection equipment as appropriate. We do not impose COVID 19 surcharges or any other surcharge in our billing practices. Please stay safe and be well. We look forward to seeing you on your next pick up day.