Scheduled at Your Place of Business

We will place one or more locked 35” consoles or 64/95 gallon carts at your location for regularly scheduled pickup service.  

Our flexibility for servicing these containers is unrivaled.  If you need a special, unscheduled pickup for some reason we do our best to accommodate your needs.  Do you need to add containers during your busy season and then go back to the regular schedule?  No problem.  Our contracts are only 12 months, not 5 years with an evergreen renewal clause like many other companies require.  Pricing is fixed and we don’t add fuel surcharges, management fees or other additional charges.

Don’t worry about removing staples, paper clips or binder clips.  Your shredded paper gets mixed with other paper and automatically baled into 1,400 lb bales.  It is then sent to a paper mill to be recycled into paper towels and toilet paper.  We ship to Kimberly-Clark, Georgia Pacific, International Paper and SCA.  What about the cardboard boxes that held your paper? They get baled and sent to a cardboard plant to be made into recycled cardboard and box board.

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