Drop-off And Watch Your Data Get Destroyed

You can bring your paper to us and watch it get shredded. There is no minimum amount of paper required. The price to shred is $.25/pound.  Bring it to us in boxes, bags or loose.

Depending on your electronic data storage device (hard drives, solid state drives, etc.), we will degauss and/or destroy it. If you bring the data storage device to us out of the unit, the price is $5/device and you can watch them be destroyed. If the data storage device needs to be removed from the unit, the price is $10 per device and you cannot watch it be destroyed. 

Please pull up to the garage door on MacArthur Boulevard and we will help you unload your vehicle. We’ll then bring the data into our plant for destruction. A Certificate of Destruction will be provided upon request.

Don’t worry about removing staples, paper clips or binder clips. Your shredded paper gets mixed with other shredded paper and automatically baled in a tightly compacted 1400 pound bale. It is then sent to a paper mill where it will be recycled and turned into paper towels and toilet paper. All cardboard, including the cardboard boxes that hold your paper, is sent to a cardboard plant to be made into recycled cardboard and box board.