Bring in Your Papers Any Time and See them Get Shredded


One-Time Purge of Paper – Arrange for a Pick-up at Your Location


One-Time Purge of Paper – On-site, mobile shredding at your location

Rent Document Destruction Containers


Locked Containers or Open Gaylord Boxes at Your Location

Document Destruction Scheduled Pick-Ups


Locked Containers at Your Location with Regularly Scheduled Pick-ups


Host Paper Shredding and Document Destruction Events at Your Location

Recycling Benefits

For each ton of paper we recycle, these are the direct benefits to the environment:

  • 17 Trees Saved
  • 6,953 Gallons of Water saved
  • 463 Gallons of Oil saved
  • 587 Pounds of Air Pollution saved
  • 3.06 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space saved
  • 4,077 kilowatt-hours of Energy saved

Amplify Your Recycling Efforts

For each truckload of approximately 44,000 lbs of paper we send to the paper mill, we provide these benefits to the environment:

  • 374 Trees Saved
  • 152,966 Gallons of Water saved
  • 10,186 Gallons of Oil saved
  • 11,740 Pounds of Air Pollution saved
  • 67 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space saved
  • 89,694 kilowatt-hours of Energy saved
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