Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does paper shredding and document destruction cost?

For amounts under 1,000 lbs, the cost is $.50/lb for the first 100 lbs and $.35/lb after that.  Please contact us for pricing for larger volumes of paper.  Pickup charges depend on your location and the amount of paper to be shredded.

Do I need to make an appointment to bring my paper in?

Yes.  Our pickup schedule changes every day, so we ask you to make an appointment to make sure someone will be here to shred your documents for you while you wait.  We also do that so that you are not waiting while there is a line of people.

Can I watch my paper get shredded?

Yes.  If you bring your paper to us by appointment, you can watch us shred it.  If we pick it up, you can usually follow us back to paper shredding & document destruction facility and watch the shredding.

Can you help get the papers out of my car or truck

Yes.  We will bring a cart to your vehicle and unload your papers on your behalf.

Does Shred Spot provided a Certificate of Destruction?

Yes, Documents of Destruction are available upon request.

What happens to the shredded paper?

The shredded paper is baled and sent to paper mills for recycling into paper towels and toilet paper.  Cardboard boxes are baled separately and sent to cardboard plants for recycling into new cardboard.

What can I shred?

Paper, folders, staples, paper clips, credit cards and cd’s.  If you are uncertain, please contact us.

Why not use an on-site shredding truck service? They come right to my office.

  1. Your company may not have the shredding volume to justify the cost of regular service with a console or cart.
  2. There are usually large minimum charges for shredding trucks to come to your location.
  3. Shredding trucks are very loud and not environmentally friendly.  Their engine is burning diesel fuel the entire time they are shredding.
  4.   If you have a lot of boxes, the shredding trucks sometimes leave them behind after shredding your paper, leaving it up to you to handle and dispose of them.

Why not just use the shredder that fits under my desk?

  1. They’re slow – why waste your valuable time shredding?
  2. They’re loud, can break down and over-heat, which can be a safety hazard.
  3. It’s easy for things to get caught in the shredding mechanism, which can be potentially dangerous.
  4. Most small shredders can’t take paper clips, staples, etc.
  5. The tiny shreds of paper make a mess.
  6. Most shredded paper usually gets thrown out with the trash and not recycled.

Where are you located?

Our paper shredding facility is conveniently located near you at 3141 MacArthur Blvd, Northbrook, IL 60062.  Click here for directions.

I have a question that you didn’t answer here! How do I get an answer?

You can contact us and we’ll get back to you quickly with an answer.